G & L guitars, where have they gone?!

August 25th, 2011 + 12:08 PM  ·  ReelMe

Does anyone know if this company are still going? I bought a rather lovely strat copy from them a few years ago and now can't seem to find them in any shops!!

New French Alternative Release

August 25th, 2011 + 10:08 AM  ·  ReelMe

New Bristol based record label Reel Me Records are buzzing with excitement and proud to let you know about our soon to be latest release "Anything But You" E.P from Fresh Body Shop and we'd love your opinions!

From small beginnings in 2006 as a solo-acoustic project, founding member Pedro has since expanded Fresh Body Shop to include a full band, creating an electrifying live & recorded experience.
‘Fresh Body Shop’s’ debut EP ‘Anything but you’ showcases a sound and feel that is already remarkably accomplished and self assured’

We'd love you to have a listen at

and make sure to check us out at:

and for more info we can be contacted at

Bless up the music!
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